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Semi-massif Flooring (Multi Layer)

Multi Layer Parquets combine up to three consecutive planks of wood and constitute the most modern and practical choice suitable even for the most demanding constructions. Their finished surface is primed with a resistant to heavy use paint, which is available in all shades of natural wood, while their planks dimensions make them ideal for quick installation, high durability and restoration in case of excess use. The total thickness of each plank is about 15mm having about 4mm of real wood surface. They can be processed, which generates several highly aesthetic surfaces and a wide variety of designs and are standing out by their hardness and durability. The Installation of semi massif flooring is quite easy with excellent visual and practical results, since they are particularly suitable for difficult constructions such as under floor heating. They constitute the most aesthetic and functional choice for house renovations or constructions.


The Single-Strip Parquets consist of whole pieces of wood with wide surfaces in plank style with large width and length, exceptional durability and a wide variety of designs.


  The 2 Strip Parquets consist of two consecutive planks of wood in a large width and length, offering an aesthetic and functional choice, with high durability in a variety of designs.


  3 Strip Parquets consist of three planks wood on the roll in the same total width and length with the others and come in a variety of designs that can meet all desires and decorating styles.