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Massif Glued Flooring

With the term glued floor we mean the wooden floor which is mounted with two – or more, it depends on the subfloor, the type of wood and its use – component adhesive on the infrastructure. To get started with the procedure of placing a massif glued floor, the subfloor should be flat and dry. If there is cement mortar it should be strengthened by means of a special primer and water-tightly sealed in case of moisture, before installation.

Lam Parquet

  This kind of parquet constitutes the best alternative solution when the solid parquet is forbidden either for economical or other reasons.  The Lam parquet consists of different materials forming several layers, with the last one looking a lot like...

Mosaic Parquet

Mosaic parquet is made of small solid hardwood blocks, which are delivered as pattern panels on a net, forming parquet boards. Each strip thickness is about 8mm in general. The boards are then glued to the floor surface giving a solid, robust and durable...