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Originating from Africa, Doussie is one of the most stable and durable kinds of wood and as a tree it is found in areas near the sea and dense forests.  In its green state, Doussie wood is light brown with orange shadings, while its exposure to air and light turns into light brown-red.

It has perfect physical durability and it is extremely resistant to fungi and insect attacks.  It has unquestionable technological and mechanical properties; therefore, it is used extensively in marine and marine engineering, where there are multiple uses.  It is one of the most resistant to chemicals, especially acids, kinds of wood, which makes it ideal for underfloor heating.  It can be painted and varnished without any particular problem and is impervious to impregnation.

Other commercial names of Doussie wood include Lingue, Afzelia, Apa, Papao.