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Hundreds of species among dozens of genera from the Poaceae (grass) family.  Being a monocot in the grass family, bamboo does not have any sapwood/heartwood or growth rings. Its colour is pale yellow to almost white.  Live bamboo that has been left standing for too long may develop fungal decay, which is discoloring the wood with brown or black streaks and patches.

When used in exterior conditions Bamboo is perishable, and will deteriorate in a few years, as decay mold and fungi will attack eventually. It is also susceptible to insect attacks such as powder-post beetles, termites, and marine-borers.

On the other hand it glues, stains and finishes really well, thus it is commonly used for interior furniture, flooring, as well as veneer, paper, ladders, scaffolding, window blinds, turned items, and small novelty items.